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Rey Fernandez Jr is a Cuban-American composer, orchestrator, and producer for movies and video games.

Rey grew up  in Mexico surrounded by music; from an early age, he began studying violin, piano, and trumpet at the prestigious music school El Conservatorio de Las Rosas (The Conservatory of Roses) in Morelia, Mexico. While in primary school, he was also a member of Los Niños Cantores de Morelia (The Boys Choir of Morelia) from 1998 to 2005. He eventually relocated to the United States and studied audio engineering and music production at Miami International University of Art & Design (The Art Institutes), while he was also tutored in music composition and song arrangement by music producer and guitarist Narciso Valdes.


He has taken Master Classes in harmony, orchestration and music composition with Norman Ludwin, and Conrad Pope Hollywood orchestrators. He furthered his education in Film Music Scoring at the prestigious Music School institution Berklee College of Music.


The son of acclaimed writer, composer, and producer of Grammy Award-winning band Irakere Reynaldo G. Fernandez Pavon and violinist and orchestra musician Dulce M. Veiga, Rey began.  His collaborations with film colleagues were critical to his career, as were his numerous influences from classical and modern contemporary music.


Rey has worked as a film composer with producers such as Miguel Miller on the films The Hastings (2018), Canonize me (2012), Time to change my mind (2012), and with producer, actor, and model William J Jackson on the film The Denied (2013), for which his music was nominated for Best Original Score at the London International Film Festival, and most recently on the music score for the feature film Scooter (2019), the video game Space Front (2019), and Day of Dragons (2019).


He is an Emmy SunCoast winner for the production of the Jackie Gleason Musical Revival at the 43rd Annual Suncoast Regional Emmy® Awards

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Rey Fernandez Jr
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